Jackie is a lifestyle influencer who takes her passions on the road to help people feel and look good, delivering a dose of Makeover Medicine usually does the trick for most people.

Jackie Beard Robinson is a


Jackie Beard Robinson has worked in fashion for over 15 years.

“Fashion is the way to change who you are from day to day without changing your identity” ~JBR

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South Florida International Fashion Week

Jackie Beard Robinson is an international fashion icon that loves to give back. Her want and need to help others has helped lay the foundation for her philanthropic work. Today, Jackie is hands-on with her non-profit efforts all in the name of Makeover Medicine. Jackie has a team of professionals behind her, that gift women (and men) with the opportunity many don’t afford themselves, time spent to look and feel one’s best.

Makeover Medicine

Host – Jackie Beard Robinson

Co-Host – Haggai Kapach

Jackie Beard Robinson brings excitement to any room she enters! Her lively persona and creative fashionista talents are just some of the many things Jackie brings to the table. Her mission to transform people’s lives and make them feel comfortable in their skin will allow her to further expose her iconic style and help everyday people, along with this fun and adventurous ride! Jackie is sure to make a lasting impression with anyone she meets.


Haggai Kapach, the owner of European Hair Pros Salon, shares his passion for and making people feel fabulous about themselves whenever he enters the salon! His artistic talent, along with his clever and funny personality, is a few of his specialties he brings to the team. He joins Jackie’s mission to transform people’s lives by making them feel confident in their skin while getting the makeover medicine team’s experience of a lifetime with the Makeover Medicine Team.

Makeover Medicine

Before & After Makeovers

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