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Jackie and her style ninjas transform women to embrace style tricks of the trade anytime, anywhere boldly, and for any occasion. We sent out invites to people about who would like a makeover and why and got an excellent response. Every time we do them, I am inspired, with renewed enthusiasm, I know we are doing the right thing! And at this time, I want to thank the team for making this happen! You are truly amazing givers and life changers!

Jackie Beard Robinson

It’s no secret that Jackie Beard Robinson has a passion for fashion. Having her hand in the industry for going on two decades now her pulse on what’s in and what’s not is spot on. Jackie believes it all starts with confidence and builds from there. Equipping individuals with a different sense of security assists in the change necessary to have Makeover Medicine yield great success stories that can last a lifetime. It’s all about making a difference and when you feel great about yourself, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to what you can do.

Haggai Kapach

The owner of European Hair Pros Salon, shares his passion for and making people feel fabulous about themselves whenever he enters the salon! His artistic talent, along with his clever and funny personality, is a few of his specialties he brings to the team. He joins Jackie’s mission to transform people’s lives by making them feel confident in their skin while getting the makeover medicine team’s experience of a lifetime with the Makeover Medicine Team.

Suzi Pfeiffer

Best assistant ever, longtime friend and operations manager for Makeover Medicine..  

Katie (Waze) Stockwell

We call her Waze after the App “Waze”. It’s really ok to call her directionally challenged ways. In other words she can be standing on the Beach in lets say Florida staring out at the water if you ask her what direction that is(the Ocean Atlantic) She often replies “South”.


Waze was an RN for 20 years before she worked to challenge her boredom by driving 8 to 10 hours every weekend to be one of the first Nurse practitioners in the USA! We are super proud of her but what she really loves are shoes,clothes and she has awesome taste in clothing. I know because I used to steal her clothes.


We greatly appreciate her fashion advice and help choosing the outfits for Makeover Medicine


All medical questions will be directed to her as she is our Nurse Practitioner! You may as any questions!

Melissa Allione

Originally from Detroit, Michigan; Melissa is Bilingual in Spanish and English. Her keen eye and love for style and fashion developed at an early age; being groomed in the fashion industry. She started as a hair designer and stylist in Lake Park, Florida. Receiving her degree from the prestigious Palm Beach Academy of Health and Beauty. She took time out to work on and support her family business and family. Now bringing her passion, and artistry to JACKIE BEARD ROBINSON | THE SHOW MAKEOVER MEDICINE. In addition, incorporating her creative ability and marketing skills to our Social Media Department. With her innate ability to work with people from her parents, she takes great pride in delivering and creating an upbeat atmosphere of building other’s up, inspiring, and giving TLC to our devoted followers.

Christiana Marie

Christiana Marie is a master of cosmetology and a makeup mixologist.


Her background as a painter using canvas as a medium transported her artistic talents to her use of the human face as the backdrop to her makeup masterpieces. For over 20 years, Christiana has used her eye for color and her innate ability to assess each client’s individuality and personality to completely transform someone right before their eyes.


Christiana’s soulful spirit resonates, and her clients are relaxed-often, describing treatments with her as cathartic, self-revealing, and fun!  


After years in New York City styling VIPs and promoting parties at some of the city’s most notorious night clubs, Christiana moved back to her roots in South Florida, where years earlier, she graduated with honors from an accelerated program at the CT Institute of Hair Design. She most recently founded BeautyByChristiana, so she can continue to pursue her passions for sales, skincare consulting and makeup artistry,   


Some recent accomplishments include:

Team Lead for Bloomingdale’s, Saks, and Macy’s



Seasoned Camera Operator with creative eye for detail and dedication to quality work. In-depth understanding of digital cinematography and expertise in lighting recording and editing for professional footage. Collaborative team player who excels in challenging fast-paced environments.

Stacy Ugles

There can never be another career path for Stacey that doesn’t include fashion. Her ability to track the latest trends and offer them to her customers so quickly is a gift. Stacey achieved her dream of opening her first store 10 years ago and has created such a customer base with her name alone; it made sense to name her store Stacey’s Boutique. With a degree in Fashion Retail and 25 years of retail experience, Stacey’s passion for styling and fashion is evident in everything she creates.


Her customer loyalty stems from her ability to style them in head to toe looks that can go from day to night. Picking out the right pieces gets you the most wear, and that’s where Stacey comes in. Her selection is a compilation of statement worthy, classic, and quality pieces that will become staples in your closet. Need style advice? Stacey is just an email away.


If you’re local to South Florida, quick delivery services like drop-offs and curbside pick up are available. Just email us for our availabilities.

Ellia Suncar

Ellia Suncar is the owner of Pure hair experience salon that specializes in organic hair extensions. Hair that can last up to 10 years and we utilize the micro links extension system.

Katie O’Leary

Katie O’Leary is a Florida licensed Esthetician and Permanent Makeup Artist. She specializes in Microblading, Lip Blush Tattoos, Microneedling and Fibroblast Treatments for anti-aging. Her beauty studio is located inside of European Hair Pros Salon in Boca Raton. Her cutting edge techniques and relaxation modalities will leave you feeling brand new! Her online boutique is a great place to shop for luxury skin care, beautiful beach bags and gorgeous bodysuits.

Jason Sanders

Seasoned Camera Operator with creative eye for detail and dedication to quality work. In-depth understanding of digital cinematography and expertise in lighting recording and editing for professional footage. Collaborative team player who excels in challenging fast-paced environments.

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Jackie’s Favorite Things This Holiday Season

International fashion icon and influencer Jackie Beard Robinson’s series ‘Makeover Medicine’ with Haggai Kapach combines elements of beauty that effect your mindset and sex appeal while bringing fun and light humor to your screen!

It is a MUST watch series if you are interested in embracing today’s world with conversation with a team of professional stylists, exercise physiologists, nutritionists and more. The team includes,

Jackie Beard Robinson, Haggai Kapach, Suzi Pfeiffer, Katie (Waze) Stockwell, Stacy Ugles, Melissa Allione and Ellia Sunca

Our Favorite Products

Paramedical Aesthetician

Tina Roth is a licensed Paramedical Aesthetician and graduated from the Florida College of Natural Health in 2011. After graduating, she spent an additional year at her alma mater as a skincare educator. Tina has attained additional certifications in microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and other skin procedures and treatments. Tina enjoys teaching and is responsible for providing all of our patients with valuable information about homecare. She also helps customize their individual treatment plans and is available to answer any questions patients may have to help them feel more comfortable. Tina specializes in age management treatments.


Tina is an expert in Visia Complexion Analysis and works with our providers to determine the best treatment plan for each individual patient. Her vast knowledge of clinical skincare and our treatments and procedures has made her a valuable liaison in helping patients choose the best method for them. Tina’s goal is to make everyone she encounters look and feel his or her best.

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