Makeover Medicine – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Makeover Medicine – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

I’ll start from the beginning, so here it goes.

I’m fairly new to Instagram and I thought I’ll just start following some of the people I like to watch on TV, some friends and some cute Golden Doodles because I have one. I stared to follow a lady I recognized from RHONJ, Jackie Bread Robinson. She always had the cutest clothes and always had a positive attitude, and friendly smile. I would check Jackie’s Instagram each day and give Jackie my honest thoughts on her OOTD. I guess she noticed and appreciated what I wrote. Never thinking that what I had to say mattered much, but I guess it did matter as I found out later on.

One day in February we shared a very special conversation, one that I never was expecting at all!

Mrs. Jackie told me that I inspire her, and she looked for my comments! I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. She was so nice and offered to give me a makeover. She asked where I lived and gave me her email address so we could connect with information and such. So that night I wrote to her with the information she requested and a picture of myself so she knew what to expect if this makeover worked out. I let her know that I had watched her Makeover Medicine on YouTube again, and told her I’d be waiting to talk to her more about this exciting chance that she had offered me.

One Friday night as I sit folding laundry my cell phone rang. I saw NJ come up on the caller ID, I thought it was a robocall so I answered.  Low and behold it was Jackie on the other end of the line!!! I about fell off my couch, lol. We talked for a while and it was as if I’d been talking to a friend I’ve known for years.

I thought to myself, is this really happening? Pinch me! A short time passes and all the details are worked out and I’m on my way to Florida!! I was slightly nervous to say the least…

#1 I’m traveling alone, #2 We’ve talked on the phone but really haven’t met, and #3 Will the house still be in order when I get home?! LOL

As soon as I meet Suzi at the Airport I instantly felt at ease, and then I see Jackie…all my worries faded away, I knew I’d be ok.

So, the day of the makeover was very exciting for me. I’ve never had this done before and I was nervous. I’m watching the other ladies getting their makeovers done, Robyn, Lindsey and Stacey.

Everything was so new to me. I thought to myself, wow, is this really happening? I felt like I was part of the family! I wanted to do what I could to make everyone’s job a little easier, because I was the last one to get her makeover I found things I could do to help out like take the price tag of the mirror and wipe it down, wash some dishes in the sink, stuff like that. It gave my anxiety a place to go.

The camera guys were funny. They would make jokes and help make us girls feel at ease.

Adrienne was with the production company, TransMedia Group; she was very kind, supportive and fun to work with.

Lindsey and Stacey were getting their hair cut and colored and Robyn was getting her makeup done. Everything seemed to happen so fast. The next thing I knew it was my turn!!! First, I got my makeup done by Christiana. Keep in mind that I did not see what she had done because of course they want it to be a surprise when you see yourself for the first time. That’s harder than you think, as the salon was full of mirrors! Next up was my hair. Jackie was mindful of a story that I had told her back when I was in cosmetology school and had a very bad experience. Jackie didn’t want to do anything that was going to make me feel uncomfortable in anyway. Shelene washed my hair and just trimmed it and styled it. Boy was that a relief… I had given my word that they could do anything they wanted to do for the makeover, but Jackie took into consideration how I was uncomfortable and she made it work. As I was getting my hair done I noticed that Robyn was getting hair extensions put in and the other girls had gotten dressed in the outfits that Jackie and Suzi had chosen for them. Stacey and Lindsey looked AMAZING! Haggai, the owner of the salon where this all took place, had worked his magic on Robyn. He colored it, added hair extensions and cut it. I could not believe the transformation!  It was fantastic. All 3 ladies looked amazing. Now it was my turn for the reveal. Jackie & Suzi picked out the cutest outfit for me, but I was nervous. I’m a mother of four, NOT A SPRING CHICKEN ANYMORE and I have also gained quite a bit of weight. I was praying that everything would fit. The last thing I wanted was to come all this way and then disappoint Jackie and Suzi because my clothes don’t fit. They’ve both worked so hard and all these talented people that were involved worked so hard to pull this off. So I yanked up the leggings and held my breath. I pulled the top over my head and put on that cute sweater and went out there and stood in front of that mirror with Jackie by my side. She said “OPEN YOUR EYES, PAM”! I couldn’t believe my reflection; I had never seen myself like that before. Wow, the glamorous makeup, the cute clothes, I was wearing false eyelashes for the first time in my life, I was amazed. Jackie really knows her stuff. It’s hard to choose clothes for someone else. Especially when you’ve only seen a picture of them.

I had such a good time that day. After all the hard work was done and it was time to go, Jackie had invited all of us out for dinner to celebrate. We had a lovely dinner that night and then it was time to go back to the hotel. As I said goodbye to Jackie that evening we talked some before I went up to my room. She told me something the day before that I wasn’t used to hearing. She told me she loved me and she thought I was special. Jackie, you don’t know how much that meant to me…I’m not use to hearing those things. Sure my family loves me, but she and I have only just met and she really meant it. That’s when I knew I had found a friend for life.

They say people only show you what they want you to see, well if this is true… and you get the chance to meet someone like Jackie Beard Robinson, seeing is believing! She is one of the most kindhearted, generous, and selfless women that you will ever meet. She really has a heart for people. And this post is to acknowledge her kindness and express my gratitude.

Thank you Jackie & Suzi for giving me something to remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

With Love,


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