Makeover Medicine – Online Gift-Guide for Father’s Day – Six Really Cool Ideas!

Makeover Medicine – Online Gift-Guide for Father’s Day – Six Really Cool Ideas!

Men are so difficult to shop for! Either they have everything or they say they don’t want anything. So instead of wandering around the mall, I turn to online shopping. It’s quick and easy and there are so many unique things out there! I found a few great gift clubs that I wanted to share. These are fun, unique gifts that I think every man would enjoy!

This is for the man who loves to look and smell his best! The Dollar Shave Club is the real deal. For far less than the price of the expensive big brand names you see in stores, they’ll send you a comparable set of razors. On top of that, they’ll keep you stocked by automatically sending you new ones each month so you never run out. At these prices you don’t have to cling to that old beat up blade anymore. Just $5.00 for the first order!

What man doesn’t love steak! What man wouldn’t want a freezer full of quality meats ready to grill at any time when friends pop over? Omaha Steaks Father’s Day gift packages deliver rich, juicy rib eyes, tender filet mignons, sides, desserts and more with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I have tried their steaks and they are amazing! They have monthly club packages or you can order one time only!

This is something every man will enjoy! Each month, they deliver 12 full-sized bottles of hard-to-find, premium-quality craft beers from independent breweries across the country. They feature two different breweries every month and two different beers from each brewery. They also have 40 different clubs to choose from, so if your guy doesn’t drink beer, there’s a cigar club, lobster club, cookie club and many other fun ideas to choose from!

I think it’s safe to say men don’t enjoy shopping for underwear on their free time. Nor do they think about it much. At the same time it is a something that needs attention on a regular basis so he has enough and that he’s not clinging onto a pair of boxers that are past their prime. Maybe dad just can’t get rid of those old stretched out tighty whities.   This really cool site will deliver really cool quality underwear each month!

When gift baskets, gift boxes, or gift cards just won’t do, there’s Man Crates. These gifts arrive shipped in crates, amno cans, concrete bricks and project kits. These are ‘manly man’ gifts. These gifts have been ‘exceptionally crafted’ for men. They have whiskey crates, the pit master crates, wine making kits, and a gammer pack for those video game players out there and many more! I thought this one was very cool! Check them out at

Many men need help picking out the right clothing to fit his style. Hey, so do women! If shopping is not his thing, let a stylist find exactly what he needs and send everything straight to his door. After filling out a profile about himself, his body type, style and what he’s looking for, his personal stylist will pick out items for him each month. He keeps what he wants, send back what he wants. It’s so simple!

~Laura Wright

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