Fashion: All Sharp Dressed Men Use Full Length Mirrors

Greetings! I hope that you all are well and on your way to a great summer! It’s a chance to wear a different season, the fun sexy summer season… when you can be daring in a different way. We have focused quite a bit on women’s fashion, so today I wanted to spend a little time focused on our gentlemen. Men can be limited on what they improve upon, so let’s explore the options out there for our guys!

ZZ Top had it right all along. Apparently women from all over the world love the sharp dressed man! So, what is a sharp dressed guy anyway? Ask yourself that question…? It’s quite subjective, no? Well we decided to delve into the men’s side of things and explore fashion and our gents as well as a few things I feel are important! Men we solicit for your feedback and ask that you not stay silent here. Let your voices be heard! Shed light on that pattern of thought so we ladies can better plan our attack.

A man who is dressed sharp with his own sense os style, smells good, has on great shoes, coupled by great etiquette and impeccable manners are all a win-win in this book. In order to recognize the epitome of what a “sharp dressed man” must embody, one must first group the infamous guy into the right category and go from there. What kind of job does he have? Does he like to dine with dates and keep it classy? No slouching to a certain degree even on the weekends!

Dress to impress, always!

Here’s an overall look of the qualities our “it guy” must possess: (don’t forget I owned a clothing boutique in South Florida for awhile). An, if he is not dressing hot for himself, you better bet he is not dressing hot for you either!

First, a man’s shoes MUST be on point, no matter what. They need to be right for the affair, cleaned and polished. A pair of good shoes will you get you just about anywhere in life. FIRST IMPRESSIONS, you only get one.

Second, hands…the way a man’s hands are groomed, held, treated, speaks volumes!! A little wear-and-tear doesn’t turn me off, especially if it’s been a life well lived! Nicely manicured hands and fingernails are an even bigger plus followed by a firm manly handshake and I am sold!

Is that a smile I see? Smiles, are a must-have even if your teeth aren’t perfect! A great smile speaks confidence and can warm up a room! Give us that wow-factor gentlemen!

Long hair, short hair, who really cares? I say it is all about the guy and how he wears it! Same thing with a man in jewelry. Got a nice watch? Show it off. Show us what you are working with! Rolex, no Rolex, can we say confidence?

Where to go to inspire style?

Peek at the runway, pick up a GQ or Esquire and see what they are suggesting. That’s what magazines do, help make you stylish! Have fun with it, don’t take it too seriously and if you have any questions, google it! LOL! It’s all waiting at your fingertips and 9 times out of 10 you can find an answer to what you are seeking! Also, don’t forget to use a full length mirror gentlemen and no more bootcut jeans! More men’s fashion still to come as Laura, my partner in crime gets summertime specific next!

~Jackie Beard Robinson

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